Delivery or Pickup? Let us help you decide!

Here at Kloss Furniture, we do not outsource our delivery. We own the trucks, and the delivery team is part of the Kloss family. We pride ourselves on taking the time to unwrap, assemble, and place the furniture, eliminating the heavy lifting for you, while providing the best customer service.



Kloss Furniture offers in-home delivery and set-up. We unwrap, place, and assemble your furniture in the appropriate room.

  • All merchandise must be paid before delivery can be set. No CODs are accepted.
  • Credit card and debit card payments are accepted over the phone. Call the O'Fallon, HighlandEdwardsville, or  South County location for payment.
  • Our office will confirm your delivery date and provide you with a 2-hour delivery window 24 hours prior to delivery. Please understand that some circumstances are beyond our control, such as poor weather conditions and traffic jams, and can delay delivery time frames.
  • Being a small business, Kloss Furniture tries to run deliveries as efficiently as possible. This means that we cannot guarantee a delivery time. If you would like a specific time for delivery, we provide a VIP delivery service for $499.99.
  • The customer is responsible for having a clear room. Kloss Furniture is not insured to move furniture we are not delivering, nor are we responsible for reinstalling electronic equipment.
  • Someone 18 years of age or older on-site to accept your delivery.
  • Please restrain pets and make sure we have a cleared path to where you would like the furniture placed.
  • Please make sure the walkway is shoveled during the winter months.
Warehouse Location

Warehouse Pick-Up

Where: Kloss Furniture Warehouse

  • Please call ahead at least one hour before picking up your order(s).
  • Furniture being picked up by the customer will be loaded in the manufacturer's box or packaging, except for clearance furniture or floor models. If the customer wishes to have their picked up furniture assembled, the assembling fee is $10 per piece.
  • Please remember to inspect your furniture thoroughly before leaving our warehouse. Damage claims will not be accepted once the furniture leaves our dock.
  • We will assist in placing your merchandise in your vehicle; however, proper loading and securing of the product is your responsibility.
  • Make sure to bring straps, blankets, and rope to secure your furniture in your vehicle.
  • If merchandise that was picked up, needs to be returned, it will be the customer’s responsibility to return it to the store they purchased the merchandise from.

Curbside Drop Off

Kloss Furniture offers curbside drop off for a $39.99 fee (per trip). Most items will be dropped off in the original packaging. The items will be placed near the customer’s garage, apartment spot, sidewalk, designated drop-off area, or on the customer’s house’s curb. Our delivery personnel will not unpack or bring any items into your home. Most items will be delivered unassembled. You will be responsible for assembling your furniture and disposing of the packaging.